Members Only Spring Roundtable | April 7-9, 2021

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Our 2020 Spring Virtual Meeting was a Huge Success! Below are the presentations from the meeting.

MACPAC Recommendations for Dual Integration

MACPAC, in their recent report, has made a number of recommendations regarding strategies to address opportunities and barriers for dual integration
During this session, Anne Schwartz will provide an overview of these recommendations, and engage attendees in prioritizing and providing feedback to these various options.

• Anne Schwartz, PhD, Executive Director, MACPAC | Click here to review the slide deck

Looking to the Future: Opportunities, Innovations and Challenges for Duals Integration

As the original head of the MMCO and current chair of MACPAC, Melanie Bella is on the cutting edge of dual integration issues in which SNP Alliance members have keen interests. In this conversation, Melanie will share her thoughts on questions such as what integration opportunities are on the horizon and what cliffs or pitfalls need to be avoided? What innovative models are being considered and which are likely to prevail? What does she see as the vision for the future, and how will the COIVD Covid-19 crisis transform that vision? How can the SNP Alliance best play a role in that future?

• Melanie Bella, Chief of New Business, Cityblock Health | Click here to review the slide deck

Count Down to 2021: Advancing New D-SNP Integration Requirements

In this session, representatives from the Integrated Care Resource Center (ICRC) will share examples of approaches that states are using to engage D-SNPs and develop meaningful and effective D-SNP information-sharing approaches, and describe challenges that states are facing in their work with D-SNPs to implement those approaches. ICRC will also facilitate a discussion among D-SNP staff in attendance to solicit feedback on promising practices and challenges faced by D-SNPs as they work to design and implement these new processes by January 1, 2021.

• Danielle Chelminsky, Health Analyst, Mathematica
• Erin Weir Lakhmani, Senior Researcher, Mathematica
• Nancy Archibald, Senior Program Officer, Center for Health Care Strategies

Click here to review the slide deck

RX Risk – Understand Impact on SNPs and MMPs

RX risk is an issue the SNP Alliance has not typically addressed. However, given the focus on drug pricing and the Congressional proposals to shift more catastrophic drug costs to plans, it is important for SNPs and MMPs – who serve many of those most likely to have significant drug costs – to understand these risks. In this session, David Mike will share insights into Medicare Part D, including a potential redesign of the standard Part D benefit, proposed changes to Part D reinsurance and other potential program reforms with a focus on the impact to D-SNPs. David will also briefly discuss his thoughts on how COVID-19 could impact 2020 and 2021 claim costs, risk adjustment, and STAR ratings.

• David Mike, Consulting Actuary, Millman | Click here to review the slide deck

This session was supported by Altruista Health.

Working Toward Alignment: Quality Measurement for Complex Care

This discussion is to lift us out of the current issues and problems with Medicare Stars Quality measurement and to take this hour to focus on how we might provide thought leadership to frame a different approach. SNP and MMP have a unique focus on complex care populations. Characteristics of the quality measurement system should reflect these populations—for example, using a core set of meaningful measures, aligning these identical measures across key services and settings, defining or addressing attribution and shared accountability, and ensuring appropriate risk adjustment and consideration of social determinant of health risk factors.

• David Nerenz, PhD, Director, Center for Health Policy and Services Research, Henry Ford Health System, MI
• Deborah Paone, DrPH, MHSA, Performance Evaluation Lead and Policy Consultant, SNP Alliance
• Tom VonSternberg, MD, Senior Medical Director, Government Programs and Care Management, HealthPartners

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This session was supported by Altruista Health

A New World for Supplemental Benefits

Supplemental benefits changes including Special Supplemental Benefits for the Chronically Ill (SSBCI) are opening up new opportunities for MA plans and SNPs, getting the attention of community-based providers and beneficiaries alike, and prompting new questions around competitive and management uncertainties. This session will address how D-SNPs have changed their benefits for 2020 to address members’ social needs. What kind of benefits are plans offering? What is driving their choices? Are plans relying on SDOH data, community need or actuarial analysis in their choices? How are SNPs working with states where similar benefits are covered by Medicaid? What measures will be used for evaluating these benefits and their ongoing financial viability? How is COVID-19 likely to impact bids for 2021?

This session will feature a presentation from HMA on 2020 benefit offerings across the country, a FIDE SNP perspective on their choices, and discussion led by CHCS to address potential opportunities, challenges and additional considerations for D-SNPs as they manage current benefit offerings and determine whether to offer in the future.

• Julie Faulhaber, MBA, Principal, HMA | Slides

• Susan McGeehan, MGS, LSW, Seniors Manager, State Public Programs, HealthPartners | Slides

• Michelle Herman Soper, MHSVice President, Integrated Care Center for Health Care Strategies | Slides

Archived Meeting Materials (20011-2017)

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