Understanding SNPs

SNPs Help Over 6.4 Million People

As of December 2023, CMS SNP Comprehensive Report 6.4 million Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in 1,335 plans. In regard to a SNP by SNP break down, 548,900 are enrolled in C-SNPs, 119,425 are enrolled in in I-SNPs and 5.7 million are enrolled in D-SNPs. Of the three types of D-SNPs, 499 Coordination-Only (CO D-SNPs) have 3 million enrollees, 66 FIDE D-SNPs have 420,847 enrollees, and 245 HIDE D-SNPs have 2.2 enrollees.

National SNP Growth and Distribution

The number of SNPs steadily has grown with significant jumps between 2019 and 2023.

Integration and D-SNPs

D-SNP distribution remains highly mixed by state with FIDE D-SNP concentration in six states, HIDE D-SNP in six states, and the remaining state with some form of integrated D-SNPs totaling 13 states. The remaining 25 states do not have D-SNP coordination efforts. See the map below for more detail. Source: MACPAC 2023

For more information on state by state integration work click on the state of interest in the map found here.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Financial Alignment Initiative (FAI) tested models to better integrate primary, acute, behavioral, and long-term services and supports.  FAI also provided participating states to share in savings.  Fifteen states were initially awarded demonstration contacts and implementation began in 2013.

The two models include (1) a prospective blended rate model for select health plans to provide both Medicare and Medicaid benefits to duals called the “capitated model”, and (2) a model that allows the state to take responsibility for coordinating the beneficiary’s care, called a “managed fee-for-service model (MFFS)”.

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