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Becoming a Partner: Meeting Sponsors and Affiliated Business Partners

The SNP Alliance is a national leadership organization dedicated to improving total quality and cost performance through specialized managed care, and advancing integration of health care for individuals who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid.

As an invitation-only leadership group, our membership includes representation from many of the nation’s leading health plan organizations. SNP Alliance members serve over half of all Special Needs Plans (SNPs) enrollees—over one million Medicare beneficiaries—offering more than 380 plans in 47 states, with representation from all SNP types.

The SNPA serves its members through shared learning, public policy development and advocacy, and national meetings and conferences. In order to promote and grow these activities, the Alliance invites your organization to be recognized as a meeting sponsor, or submitting an application to come aboard as an aligned business partner.

As a sponsoring organization, your contribution will enable SNPA to cross-promote and leverage your brand and expertise in order to advance our mission and shared goals.

Meeting Sponsorship levels:

Silver ($2,000)

  • Attendance at the Fall forum meeting
  • Table exhibition outside of the plenary and break-out sessions
  • Recognition on Web and printed materials

Gold ($4,000)

  • All benefits listed above
  • Round table discussions with interested members during breakfast

Platinum ($6000)

  • All benefits listed above
  • Recognition of sponsorship of reception or speaker with notation in meeting materials
  • Introduction and opportunity to make brief comments to attendees over lunch on day 1
  • Opportunity to brand conference materials
  • Recognition of sponsorship in tool kits or other similar materials outside a member meeting

For further information on past meetings and the scope of SNPA’s member offerings, visit our meetings page. Please send a statement of interest and any questions to Cheryl Phillips, M.D., President and CEO of the SNP Alliance. If you are currently working with a member health plan, please also let us know.

Affiliated Business Partners

• Management Service Organizations: The organization serves as an umbrella organization for several start-up SNP organizations.

• Start –Up Organizations: The organization is in the SNP industry and in start-up mode.

• Business Affiliate Organizations: The organization is in a related industry and supports the goals and objectives of the SNP Alliance. This category would include organizations poised to serve as delegates/sub-contractors of SNPs for special population or specified benefit management (eg. dental or behavioral health managed care company), related industry associations, and/or advocacy groups. This would not include vendors

• Aligned Professional Associations: Professional organizations that represent individual providers of care that serve complex needs individuals, (eg. Geriatric health professionals, long-term care providers, case managers), and have a shared mission to serve vulnerable, high-risk or complex needs populations.